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Use of Phonics methodology to teach English to pre-primary and primary children
Use of GENKI (DVD) actions and activity based communicative English
Fun and activity based mathematic techniques.
On Going Teacher Training.
Weekly visits for feed back of the teachers and students.
Monthly assessment for the students.


By using Phonics students are able to read, write and better understand the English Language.
By using Genki (DVD) Students increased their communicative skills
By using low cost teaching activities and fun based mathematic techniques for better understanding of mathematical concepts.
Teachers get training updates in English language, Maths every time through our Academic Coordinators.
Slow learners also easily understand the techniques

Empathy Learning Systems Pvt, Ltd.

Our Services

We offer 3 categories of services for primary schools
(I) Curriculum Development and Innovative Pedagogy
(ii) School and Classroom management
(iii) infrastructure Development,

Curriculum development
Lesson plans: Our in-house education team which has vast experience of working with children with special needs and with first generation learners, develop our own text books and lesson plans within the syllabi prescribed by the government These lesson plans take 10 our rooms new pedagogical tools specially designed for first generation learners. Design of lesson plans arc reiterated after classroom trials and evaluation. English is taught using Genki and Phonics methods.

Teacher training: Our education Learn conducts training for teachers every year and takes them through the lessons plans that have been developed. They are also walked through teaching methods in classes. Special training is also imparted for teachers in child psychology to enable better and healthier interaction with students.
Courses on conversational English; Going beyond the prescribed syllabi, for classes vi - x, we also offer special conversational English for children from high school and higher secondary schools. These courses will be conducted specially by Ms Agala Rutkowska who has recently joined us lifter Studies at the Newcastle upon Tyne

Classroom management: Teachers are trained specially in classroom management. Teachers arc trained in handling the pressures of large classroom lizcs, being able to maximize scarce resources in classrooms for children, being able lo identify incentive systems for children and specially being able to identify children with special needs and offering remedial interventions on a regular basis.

Computer literacy: Thus far. we have been able to facilitate linkages lo provide computers for computer labs set up in our schools. Special interactive courses are being designed for computer learning.

School Management: we extend support lo our school correspondents addressing problems with regulations, administration and preparation of time tables. We plan to Man teacher training programs that will help with human resource requirements for our schools as well as partner schools.

Software Support: We provide web based software that includes accounting, attendance, enrollment, database management mass outreach to parents through SMS. teacher and student assessment. Parents can monitor student progress through the platform. This service is offered to all partnering schools. Since this docs not fall into services offered for primary schooling, separate charges apply.

Genki English and Phonies are special tools we employ to teach English. We are the only service provider to adopt teaching of English through Genki method.


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